About us

curious-melanieMelanie has been ‘making things’ since she was a small child and can turn her hand to pretty much any craft, in addition to being Owner and Manager of The Case of the Curious Bride Melanie also owns and runs http://www.ivorytuesday.com/ , a range of unique bridal head wear (which is also available in the Curious Bride Boutique).

Melanie’s ambition to open The Case of the Curious Bride stemmed from her own troubles and that of friends in trying to find a reasonably priced dress that also had some individual style to it. This was echoed by many of the brides who contacted her to make bespoke head wear through Ivory Tuesday. Melanie longed to create an environment that was comfortable and stylish so that every bride could have the experience they deserved when choosing their wedding dress no matter what their budget.

Melanie adores vintage and is oft to be found at Car Boot and Jumble sales looking for that elusive piece of vintage jewellery/furniture that would be ‘just perfect’. Melanie has a six year old son, Oscar and a new baby named Jasper. The latter two have yet to work in the wedding industry but she is looking at making it a family business!

Appointment Booking..

We aim to provide a personal and private service. Each appointment is a maximum of 1 hour with the exception of evening appointments which are 45mins. When booking your appointment you will be asked for card details as we operate a cancellation policy which is as follows..

We do not charge anything to your card if you attend your appointment. If you do not cancel your appointment with 48 hours notice or fail to show for your appointment we will charge a fee of £35 to the card details provided. If you have found your gown before your appointment with us we would still advise you come and look at our wide range of accessories to avoid the charge for non-attendance.

The Case of the Curious Bride is a trading name of The Case of the Curious Bride Limited