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What do we do?
A list of the services we provide for you.

Your appointment

The appointment lasts an hour long and is all about you finding a dress which you feel conformable, confident and simply yourself in. We aim to create an environment which is calm and relaxed (As we know trying on dresses is super stressful) . Within the appointment you are given time to have a good old nosy at all the dresses, picking ones along the way. The appointment is done by one of the boutique stylists who will give you advise and also pick dresses for you within the appointment. A good tip for when you come in for an appointment with us is be as open minded as possible, the stylists know the collections and what works with trying something a little different might just surprise you. 

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Accessories Consultations

Accessories appointments are all about getting creative. Within the boutique we have a huge range of hand made accessories, which options to create pieces which are bespoke. Accessories appointment last 30 minutes, within this time you have chance to try on everything, discussing colours, designs and all things pretty. 


No matter where or what dress you fall in love with, nine times out of ten you will require "personal" alterations. These are little nips and tucks to make sure the dress fits your body type perfectly. We do not have an in-house stream-stress, although we do know people in the business and are more than happy to give brides there details. 

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